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Why Am I Not Earning Money Online? How to Engage & Build Trust with Readers

This post , will give some answers to questions spinning in your mind: “Why am I not earning money online” and “Why isn’t my website converting and paying the bills?”


Now and them someone in these struggling community takes action, make no money. This can be quite confusing and discouraging. 

The reason they are not earning money online or conversions is because they have missed basic principles on how earning money online works. 

I am going to talk about that the missing principles that sometimes are violated, and tell you what tools you should use to fix it.

If You Are Not Earning Money Online:
Why You Need To Build Trust And Earn The Heart Of Your Audience

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  • The biggest mistake online Internet marketers make is that they do not build a relationship with their readership. Ignoring this phase of your strategy is an announced sentence of failure.
  • They think that creating a niche blog with random blog posts related to the subject will make them money. Creating random posts without an end purpose of making conversion and earning money online is a big hurdle to jump over.
  • They also spread banners all over the places on the website, hoping visitors will click on them. Unfortunately, it does not occur like that. More sooner than later you will notice the dismal results. Not earning money online.
  • Even if people click on banners, the traffic won’t convert because the traffic is cold. The response is discouraging and even worse their indifference to our best efforts.
  • To earn money, the website must build a relationship with the readers so they will trust and like your recommendations.
  • Marketing Tips:
    The Easiest Way to Create Trust And Engage Your Audience Is Through Email Marketing

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  • Millionaire affiliate Mark Ling taught me in AffiloJetpack that the way he doubled his income was by getting rid of banners and replacing them with opt-in forms. Once your website visitors optin they give permission to receive a sequence of crafted emails that will earn their trust, engage and make them feel like they know you.
  • Email marketing builds trust because people read their emails. When they receive regular, high-quality emails they like, they will grow to trust you.
  • Replace banners with email newsletter opt-in forms. Use opt-in freebies to encourage people to sign up.
  • EXAMPLE: In AffiloJetpack, Mark Ling provides you with a 49-page eBook—“How to Make Super Affiliate Commissions”—to give as opt-in bait for Internet marketing websites.
  • When readers get more than they expected, their trust will grow. Always practice overdeliver. 
  • Marketing Tips
    How to Write Emails that Build Trust

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  • To create trust, readers need to feel you care about them.
  • If you send too many hard-sell emails, readers will feel used. Hard-sell emails are written to promote a product—and do not provide high-quality content that they can use.
  • For every 1–2 hard-sell emails, send 3–4 soft-sell emails first. This builds a relationship.
  • Soft-sell emails are high-quality articles emailed directly to them, with a brief product recommendation put at the start and end.
  • PROOF/EXAMPLE: in AffiloJetpack, Mark Ling’s year-long email autoresponder sequences have 3–4 soft-sell emails for each 1–2 hard-sell emails he sends.
  • If readers receive quality emails before they are directly marketed too, then they will be less skeptical, as you have proved you know about the niche.
  • Up to here you have been exposed to an stunning amount of marketing information coming directly from the desk of the savvy and successful multi-millionaire Mark Ling. But now is your time to apply all what you've learned.

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