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The Rainmaker - How To Open The Sky Abundance Floodgates Part 1

“In modern times, Wikipedia among others defines the word rainmaker as that person who produces huge and astounding results in situations and conditions were others didn't perceive any value or possibilities.” 


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At the times of king Acab, husband of Jetzabel...there was a severe drought that had last for 2 years and the people had lost the hope that they would have rains any time soon.
Adversity is a fact of life. It can’t be controlled. What we can control is how we react to it”

In that devastated land the famine was severe...since there was nothing to harvest from the dried lands. People and animal were dying...and accepting their destiny. Apparently it was their best choice...

Elijah, the prophet two years before, had declared the drought and now was his time to reverse the situation and bring back the rain again. And he did it...based on his faith on the Mighty God. A true RAINMAKER.

A modern Rainmaker: produces astounding results in situations and conditions were others didn't perceive any value or possibilities.

By the way…if you are kind of wondering what is the fuss with all this Rainmaker thing...Here we go.

“In modern times, Wikipedia among others defines the word rainmaker as that person who produces huge and astounding results in situations and conditions were others didn't perceive any value or possibilities.”

Business owners or entrepreneurs that somehow seems to have the mythical Midas touch...Wow.

But, is the Midas touch a case of ointment or is it the result of cultivated minds?.

Do You Ask Yourself If You Have What It Takes To Succeed? When You Hear Stories Of Success Of somebody else?

Which have forged their success sticking to principles and strategies that exist and were practiced by the savvy wealthy people since ancient times. Was King Solomon one of this guys?

Somehow, this sounds like those times when you ask yourself in your heart, if you have what it takes to succeed in your endeavors. Are we missing something? Is there something wrong with our ADN? Where we took the wrong road at the intersection?

And the reason, this question comes to mind is that all that we have done, up to now, has turned out sour or gone to the curb.

Dismal results...we are part of the looser’s statistics. Just a 5 to 8 % make it... 90 % plain losers.

If Burning The Midnight Oil Has Been Useless For You. It's A Sad Feeling Because Nobody Likes To See Their Efforts Going To The Curb.

Indeed, nothing to make you feel happy. Especially if your dreams of freedom have been tied to these endeavors. Or if you have shared those dreams with your wife and children and now you see that "burning the midnight oil" has been useless.

There’s nothing to show. You feel a crunching pain in your
stomach and a devastated heart. Ready to quit your dreams of being an online businessman and look for a “real job”.

The torment and circumstances at that particular moment are bigger than you can handle and bear in your heart...

Take Your Time To Know What Has Gone Wrong. Don't Panic or Resent Taking Responsibility.

But hold on...because here at this right moment Is the time to evaluate what you have done and pin down what has led you to where you are now.

Don’t panic or resent taking responsibility for whatever you have missed or did wrong.

Because, avoiding that conversation with yourself will keep you chained to your past results and nothing will change. Your inner and subconscious habits will remain bothering you.

And, keep fostering a self-defeating behavior that will sabotage your best intentions to improve your goals of attaining your financial freedom. 

Action Is The Foundational Key To All Success. And That's A Main Trait Of True Rainmakers.​

So, going back to the modern rainmakers, the thread of our story. A good question could be what make them so special?

“Action is the foundational key to all success.”
Anthony Robbins.

Because everybody likes the results, the lifestyle but what about the persistence and determination to chase your dreams. The work on yourself to hone your tools and become a better you.

Why Are These Good Questions?

So that’s why the next questions are good questions...

What are their character traits? Are there some footsteps that you can follow an model. By the way you can make your own questions, and I would suggest you do it. It will be a good thing to for you.

Because, that way you own the experience when you engage in the subject you’re reading. Sorry, just a side note...

But now you’re ready for knowing a little bit more about the true nature of a modern rainmaker.

Enjoy Discovering The Main Traits That Distinguish A Genuine Rainmaker.

Rainmaker In Action

I’m sure you will enjoy and appreciate discovering the main traits that distinguish a genuine rainmaker. As well, as the true value of converting yourself in a rainmaker.

So do not wait any longer. Stand up and find out what went wrong and start again...Until you become a rainmaker.

And If you’re curious about, how looks a rainmaker...just read on. 

The Rainmaker Sculpts The Rock And Creates The Masterpiece

The Rainmaker is the one that sculpts the rock and creates the masterpiece…

A Rainmaker, is a person that convert his imagination into a factory that transforms all his dreams into reality. 

A true modern Rainmaker is a true believer in the power of wisdom, knowledge, and the abundance created by God.

Which, is just waiting for his belief. And the faith that He is there ready to bless you when you decide to go for it.

Having A Balanced Lifestyle Is A Value Of The Rainmakers

A modern Rainmaker understands the value of being conscious of having a balanced lifestyle. Taking care of his eating habits, wellness, exercising, avoiding unnecessary stress, practicing a sound spiritual life, family oriented…

In a nutshell.
“A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier”

A Rainmaker loves people and the money is his servant.

A Rainmaker is disciplined, take responsibility for his results and keep focused on his goals and business strategies.

He is grateful for all the blessing that he receives...He enjoys giving

Rainmakers Know That Their Mouth Speaks Of The Abundance Of Their Hearts

He cultivates what is stored in his heart. Knows that his mouth speaks of the abundance of his heart…

Well now is the time for adding some more options where you can access a lot of the knowledge, wisdom and power you need to become a true and successful Rainmaker.

Rainmakers Love People And The Money Is Their Servant

Remember, the journey to becoming a true Rainmaker requires your qualification as a person that loves people and consider the money your servant.

If that person is you. Then you’re ready for the journey. Enjoy and own all that you’re going to discover here.

P.S: And what's the next step?
Get engage and accelerate your initiation as a true and genuine Rainmaker. Be ready and alert for PART 2 of this blog post. You will have the opportunity to discover the roadmap to the SKIES abundance floodgates. 

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