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“What if you could make your website pay your bills? And... could say goodbye to your sorrows. Keep reading and find out how you can do it”...


How To Make Your Website Pay The Bills. Say Goodbye To Your Sorrows!

Making money fast with your website...monetizing or making more money with it. Doesn’t necessarily demands making big changes or taking on some monumental task.

Sometimes, all what it takes is to spend a few minutes creating another opportunity for your prospects to join your list or buy something from you. Check out these seven ideas for executing exactly that…

In the next paragraphs you'll be exposed to a tiny picture... of what is the foundation of the 7 ways recommended to make money with your website. This is just a portion of the whole eBook "How To Make Your Website Pay Your Bills" which is FREE...and you can   download now HERE

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1. Direct Visitors to Your Lead Page

In short, you want to give your visitors more opportunities to join you list. Because if people leave your site without joining your list (or buying something), there’s a good chance they’ll forget about you.

Go to the lead page and download now HERE ...and discover the rest of ideas to make money with your website.

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2. Insert More Product Offers

Make more money with your website simply by inserting more product offers across your website. Learn 3 ways more... in the eBook on how to add extra offers and make your website pay the bills.


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3. Offer an Upsell or Cross-Sell

You should offer something related to the main purchase. This extra offer should enhance the enjoyment or benefits of the main products.
This what you see, when a fast-food clerk asks if you want fries with your burger. You can do something similar to this.

Creating Effecting Content

4. Embed Offers Into Blog Content

You should recommend related products, directly from within the content. Avoid any unnecessary hard selling. Occasionally, you can need it, but sparingly. Find out more.  Download your Free eBook.

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5. Create Shareable Viral Content

Every piece of content you place on your website should have a specific goal. The objectives might include creating sales, establishing you as an expert in the field, or even generating traffic.
So what makes content go viral? Well, it is not an exact science, otherwise those who create it for a living would hit a homerun every time.

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6. Setup an Autoresponder

An important activity to make your website pay your bills. Is pointing people to your leadpages so you can build your list. Now here’s another key: when people join your list, they should enter into an autoresponder sequence of at least five to seven emails.
You'll learn how how to write the right sequence of emails to invite your list to take action.

traffic exit

7. Put up Exit Traffic Offers

If your website visitors leave without joining your list or buying something, there’s a good chance they won’t be back. They will forget about you and that your website ever exist. So, capturing their email information is vital for your objectives of making your website pay the bills.

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