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Focus On What Matters And Thrive Your Business.

If in your business you're not focused where you should be. You can be a candidate for sad surprises and perils in your business results. Keep reading.


You could be focusing on the wrong areas of your business?.
In many cases, what you should be focusing on isn’t always what you do focus on.

Understanding The Problem.

You know you need a product or service, but what really matters are the sales and marketing. The bacon on the table in the worst cases. Or achieving higher level of success that bring the freedom to live in your own terms.

Usually the experts recommendation mechanism  is to become a business owner and investor.

If you don't have products or service to sell there is no true business. But, that's not all. The next important thing to understand is the significance of the sales as a result of your marketing efforts.

And Then? No So Fast My Friend.

Hold on, as a small business owner, you’re already responsible for overseeing every aspect of your business.

You have a list of tasks that seems never ending.

Without sales and marketing, your business doesn’t grow. And, Within the marketing and sales arena are many tasks as well. The trick is to determine the high profit tasks that you really should be doing and focusing on them.

Keep Your Focus...Don't Get Distracted For Non Productive Income Tasks I Your Business.

Why does focusing on specific areas and tasks really matter if you are trying to grow your business? It matters a great deal.

Let me ask you this. How often are you handling too many projects at a time and, even though you were working on each one at the same time, none of them seem to be moving forward?

This lack of focus. Caused by working on too many things at once. Or even focusing on the wrong things slow you down moving ahead. And, being effective achieving your business's goals and objectives.

For instance, Apple’s founder Steve Jobs was a very focused man. He would set his focus for each day, ignoring and filtering out everything else. This intense focus on creating the product line, without distractions, led to his success.

Tips On Focus...Oriented Actions

The Early Stages Of Your Business When You Have A Shoestring Budget Be Creative To Use The Simplest Business Model Requiring The Lower Investment Cost. And Allowing The Shortest Time Of Implementation

Don't Let Smaller Non Revenue Producing Tasks Distract You From Your Plan.

In your role as a small business owner, it’s extremely easy to lose focus, letting our attention go from one good business idea, process, or project to the next.

Unfortunately, we try to do everything at once in the business, especially when we are in the early growth period. We are the accountant, writer, designer, customer service rep, product creator, salesperson, and manager.

Even with the best time management system in place, you are probably still doing tasks that aren’t really growing your business.

Understand What Being Focused Means For Your Business.

focus on what matters

Focus doesn’t mean doing everything yourself. Instead, hiring staff, outsourcing work, and using systems allows you to delegate tasks easily accomplished by others, while you focus on the high dollar marketing and sales tasks that keep your business growing.

In this guide, you’ll determine what tasks you should be focusing on for growth and wealth. This guide will help you identify those tasks that you can and should outsource or delegate to others. 

Determine Your Tasks. Prioritize Your Revenue Producing Tasks.

You are a business owner. You have a million and one things you need to do each day in your business.

Some days it feels like you are getting nowhere, while you spend your time doing every task from tweaking your website to answering emails to posting on social media.

You know you should be focusing on those tasks that will grow your business, but how do you determine which ones they are?

First, determine your focus for each day. You perform two types of tasks daily. One type makes you money. The other type includes everything else. 


Your focus should be on the tasks that only you can do. These are your money-making, decision-making tasks.

You need to prioritize your outcomes over your to-do lists. What outcome do you want to achieve? 

Is it developing a new relationship with your ideal prospect? Getting repeat high-end sales? You must focus on which ones make you money and grow your business.

Brainstorm Every Task You Do.

Begin by brainstorming every task you do. This effective tip clears your mind, so you can focus on your work. List every single task, no matter how small or big it is, onto paper.

This lets you clear your mind, so you can prioritize the right ones you should be focusing on.

Identify Critical Tasks

Next, identify critical tasks. There are a few marketing tasks that are necessary for your business success. Some tasks are supporting tasks, while the third group is the “it’s nice to do these when you have time” type of task.

You want to handle or closely oversee:
The tasks that are deadline driven.
Money-making tasks.
Tasks that build your business in some way like relationship building.

Task That Can Be Delegated

Finally determine which tasks can be delegated. There are a lot of marketing tasks that others can easily do for you.

Such as research, updating reports, and admin tasks can all be outsourced to someone else. This frees up your time allowing you to focus on the top critical high dollar tasks that build wealth and growth.

Get crystal clear on which tasks make money or build momentum. Focus on the tasks that create new meetings of potential partnerships and joint ventures, new customers to talk to and bring in money.

Focus on the momentum generating work, growth and making money.

Emailing your list with a great offer/opportunity
•Strategic social networking for increasing your visibility and reach
•Promoting specific things on social media
•Recruiting affiliates to promote your program/offer
•Content marketing that will increase traffic
•Planning your sales funnels

•Prospecting for new clients
•Customer meetings
•Relationship building
•Closing sales
•Working with current clients
•Writing a book to build your authority
•New product promotions

Engaging with current and potential clients
•Seeking out PR and Publicity opportunities and sending out pitches
•Collaborating with market leaders in your niche
•Interviewing someone in your market 
•Getting interviewed or published on popular blogs or podcasts
•Negotiating profitable deals with big brands in your niche

Don't Let The Size Of Your Tasks List Discourage You

Engaging with current and potential clients

•Seeking out PR and Publicity opportunities and sending out pitches
•Collaborating with market leaders in your niche
•Interviewing someone in your market

•Getting interviewed or published on popular blogs or podcasts
•Negotiating profitable deals with big brands in your niche
•Contacting potential clients, advertisers, partners

•Creating, setting up and promoting a new sales page
•Marketing sales funnels through email, social media, affiliates and other sources
•Split testing existing products

Time To Decide, Execute and Measure. Ask yourself if it’s something only you can do and is it a high profit task.

The best way to determine if you should focus on a specific task is to ask yourself if it’s something only you can do and is it a high profit task, meaning those tasks that will make you money directly or indirectly.

It’s important to focus on repeat customers as well as obtaining new ones. It’s easier to sell to someone who’s already bought your product/program. They know you. Like you and trust you.

Talk to you soon,
Carmelo Humphrey

P.S: If you have read up to here. I'm grateful and hope I can guest you're interested in what we have revealed on the subject. Please let me know your comments and how we can help.

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