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Do You Know Why Your Website Doesn’t Make Money?

Your answer to the specific question of why your website does not make money can be the only thing you need to turn the performance of your website...


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What If You Could Say Goodbye To Your Money Sorrows?

If In spite of all the efforts invested on your internet online home business.The coveted financial freedom have been, up to now, an elusive thing in your life. Then, it’s time to know that you’re no alone.

The naked truth on Online Business Success. Or bad news, is that business stats available on the success of new online businesses are very sad. Just 90 % or more fail in its first year of operation. Ouch…

However, no matter how difficult and tough the journey to success is in the online business world. Every year more and more inexperienced marketers come to the markets.

The Problem Of Being Distracted And Not Having A Good Blueprint. Or A Success Model To Follow.

success blueprint

Every year, more and more people jump with both feet to try to hit the jackpot. And here maybe is where the problem start brewing.

Let’s start by reminding a bit. About what speared your motivation in the first instance.

The motivation you had to jump all in, was only probably the product of the big hoopla around the shiny objects. Besides, the big rag to riches stories created around the magic button “make money” schemes.

But that’s not all...

Day in and Day Out, your inbox will be inundated with thousands of offers. Competing each other for your attention and scarce time available.

This information bombardment is overwhelming and distract you from the core things that you should do and put in practice. If your main objective is to make money online and achieve financial freedom.

So, it’s not surprise that after a few failed intents most newbies becomes discouraged. And, jump into the next bandwagon or throw the towel.

But listen, it doesn’t have to continue occurring in that same manner. BTW, There will be always a sort of disorder around. No matter how selective you're about choosing the places you visit or the persons you are with.

The trick is to know that you always have the control to select your own flight plan.

Is There A Solution? Off course There’re Solutions.

But first things first. Remember you're at the pilot cockpit and... 

control the flight plan

You Always Have Control Over Your Flight Plan. You're At The Wheel.

There are certain things that need serious consideration by the person who wants to start a transformation journey. Which is an act of personal rebellion to rescue what’s yours. Something that have been elusive for a long time.

Be aware, that it does not matter where you are now.

Or, What happened in the past or where you came from.

Now let’s assume you’re interested in doing a serious change in your lifestyle.
Introducing the necessary changes to succeed in making your online business succeed and pay for your bills.

Finally putting you on the road to financial freedom.

Your Transformational Journey!

plan action success

How will somebody like you and me initiate that Transformational Journey?

To start that journey let’s commence by accepting that there is some work to do.

There are certain things that you should unlearn. To permit renovation of your mindset and the business ideas that have ruled your business model until now.

Remember the definition of insanity: “"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

This quote attributed to Albert Einstein is quite illustrative of what can be a wrong mindset if you want to succeed at person level and in your business.

Are you ready to accept my invitation to roll up the sleeves and listen carefully? Let's do it.

Imagine Making Money With Your Website

website making money

Just imagine for a few seconds you’re making money with your website at will 24/7, from any place in the world you might be now.

If you have read up to this point. I reasonably assume that you have interest on the subject of making your website make money.

Said in other words: Pay your bills and ultimately put yourself on the road to financial freedom.

Off course, the nice consequence of living a reality like that would be the gratifying feeling of having reached a total financial freedom in your life.

Enjoying your time as you please and liberated yourself from money sorrows.

Focused, Confidence, Engaged & Commitment To Reach The Finish Line.


So How I Can Help You Start Your Journey With Confidence, Focused, Engaged and Committed To Reach The Finish Line.

You’re invited to visit my website where you’ll be my special guest.

Please start by downloading the ebook “ 7 Ways To Make Your Website Pay The Bills”.

Please notice, that this is only the beginning, because in addition you’ll find valuable information. Specially chosen and crafted to help you achieve your objectives and reach the finish line.

What's In It For You?


Also aligned with the motto “ Make Your Website Pay Your Bills” you’ll also find a great sort of carefully selected proven biz opportunities.

Which are ready to help you without delay start producing passive recurring income.

The 24/7 type of income that really makes you free from money sorrows.

But hold on... because there are much more... you also find sections of our website dedicated to your wellbeing and personal development.

It’s a way of recognizing the importance of being a better you as well as taking care of yourself and your loved ones in other important areas besides financial freedom and wealth creation

Hope you’ll find the resources available at valuable for your personal and business purposes.

I enjoy of helping people, please tell me by leaving your comments. Using the space below, what else you would like to see and find in my website which is also yours.

Help me make it better for you and many others.

To Your Success
Carmelo Humphrey

P.S: Next Step...
If you have read up to here, I might guess you're interested on how to make your website pay your bills. You have initiated a progressive personal transformation to become an effective online business marketer.
Your business model will address the critical business activities that can not be left out without your dedicated attention. You have business areas like list building, traffic generation, lead generation, and conversion that are the pillars of successful businesses.
So, you need to dedicate constant efforts to create a responsive and loyal list of subscribers. Click Here to discover how to know better your targeted audience and create and nurture a list of responsive and engaged subscribers.

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