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Passive Income Streams, Affiliate Marketing and Membership Sites What Do They Have In Common? Part I

Passive Income,  Affiliate Marketing and Membership Sites What Do They Have In Common?| Part I

Dear Reader, passive income streams, affiliate marketing and membership sites has one thing in common that maybe is not what you think. But, don't worry you will find out later. I promise.

Meanwhile, let's have some conversation on a matter that is playing havoc in your life. A silent killer, a gut wrenching and energy-sapping beast.

It all start with something that occurs every day...

The bombardment of info that hits your inbox day in and day out is overwhelming. Unfortunately, the blame and root cause of this flood of emails to the inbox is a direct consequence of our insatiable appetite for the news and shiny object promises that make their appearance every day in the market.

Online marketers do their work every day. As they send a variety of information addressing the needs for solutions to the pains and struggles affecting the lives of many persons.

passive income

Gone are your quit far away from reaching your finish line. 

Vanishing follow your plans to have a sustainable online business producing predictable passive income streams.

When you’re receiving these myriads of emails every day, you’re exposed to contradicting views, angles, arguments.

This information needs a careful analysis to determine the right context and the true purpose of the marketers. As sometimes exaggeration and hipe is a big issue with some of them.

We have joined the list of many online marketers that make a great job. By the way, this reminds me of the old story about the scorpion that asked the frog to help him cross the river. Surely, you know the story.

It’s the nature or trait, of effective online marketers, they do their work. On summer as well as on the winter. Persistently. They don't stop. They know their market...and their numbers!

The Overwhelming Feeling... It's Like If A Dragon Of Komodo Bite You And Sap Your Energy.

Komodo Dragon

They send information that we have granted permission to send it. So, if you don't roll up the sleeves and do something savvy and smart. The situation, the overwhelm feeling, the perception that you cannot cope up with the information overload will become worse.

And definitely, the energy-sapping beast will destroy your hopes and dreams of ever having a sustainable and prosperous online business. And that’s not what you want... a sad situation for you and your loved ones.

How can these sad results happen... and affect your hopes and dreams?. You bet. The answer is in many ways, the beast like a dragon of Komodo attack and infects your inner self with discouragement, self doubts and very soon you succumb to the infection.

Watch Out With What You Listen To...Your Plans Of Having A Predictable Multiple Passive Income Streams Can Be Hurt. Without You Knowing The Reasons...

As examples of this kind of conflicting ideas, let me share some of them as references.

Email marketing is dead…

Email marketing ROI brings 44$ for each buck invested...

Membership Sites are not profitable…

Passive income streams are a fool's dream

Shopify is the solution.

Drop Shipping is the only thing you need…

Amazon is the winner

Affiliate marketing is easy money…

Affiliate marketers don’t make money…

Create Your Own Digital Products…

And so on and on…

No wonder, you feel exhausted and defeated even before you define and establish a solid marketing plan to create and build a solid, sustainable and prosperous online business. Which can be able to generate passive income streams.

But, it shouldn't be that way. There are solutions that will help you overcome those horrible feelings that you don’t have what’s needed or you are not fitted to pursue your life’s objectives and goals.

What an offal place to be! You don’t deserve to be there or feeling that way.

Don't Let The Market Turmoil Distract You From Applying And Follow Your Main Marketing Plan...

Siren Songs

Thus, somehow we have permitted that marketing distractions have derailed us from our tracks and taking us nowhere. The sirens songs have drowned us into a turmoil of information that distracts us from executing the tasks that are the pillar of a sustainable online business:

Targeted Traffic ( Passionate Rabid Fans). Paid & Free.

List Building. Email Marketing

Nurture your audience to create trust.

Make Sales, Create a buyer’s list.

Create and nurture your multiple passive income streams system.

So it’s time to dump the chaff and the blah..blah from your inbox.

Identify those marketers that at this time are providing you with the best information and value, offers, bonuses, etc...Get rid of the rest for the time being.

Don’t worry, if for any reason in the future they show up on your radar you could reconsider the convenience of their comeback. Just let in the ones that help you create wealth sustained by a predictable passive income stream business model.

Your Transformational Journey Starts With A Plan...Set Your Destination

Now, drum rolling...I will share some specific ideas on what to do to start overcoming the feelings of overwhelm and regain the confidence to sail your ship to safe harbor. 

This will be a sort of roadmap, a flight plan, a navigating chart. You decide which one fits your personal preference. As a ship’s engine graduate, my preference is talking about uncharted waters, navigation charts, etc. Enough of me…

Ready for the transformation journey? Hope you’re. BTW, no matter where you’re now. Or how much money you’ve done up to now. You’re ready to become a new creature.

Let’s start by telling you what’s ahead...The milestones you’ll be found on your way to arriving at the safe harbor of your dreams.

Remember that your online business let you work from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. You don’t need to work from any unique geographical location to achieve your dreams. It’s your decision.

380+ Multiple Income Streams...That's A lot Of Possibilities To Make Money 24/7

In the next blog post Part 2 you'll learn on a wealth creation system that let you have 380+ multiple streams income. Can you imagine for a second the money flood  to your bank account  working 24/7. Well now you know that the solution exist.  Wasn't it the solution you have been waiting for. 

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