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money struggles

Who Else Wants To Get Rid Off Money Struggles & Gut-Wrenching Pain.

Who Else Wants To Get Rid Off Money Struggles & Its Gut Wrenching Pain?

Money struggles: the angst, speared by the scarcity of financial resources, has hit hard the life of many persons. And, unfortunately it continues to do so today as in the old times. 

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focused massive action

Inner Power: Look Into Your GARDEN Before Looking the GARDEN Of Your Neighbor

Inner Power: Look Into Your Garden before Looking The Garden of Your Neighbor

In the next 2 minutes...You will be reading about experiences that can indicate that you've become blind as many important things occurring around you go unnoticed while you remain struggling with a monotonous existence. If some of this make sense to you, then keep reading.   

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Procrastination: How To Slay The 7 Heads Monster.

Procrastination: How To Slay The 7 Heads Dragon

Cutting off the 7 heads of the procrastination dragon is a rewarding endeavor that sets you free from dying sweetly while the dragon saps your energy. Get your spade and start the journey to the dragon's cave...

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focus, execution and perseverance

How To Decide, Execute & Measure For Success.

How To Decide, Execute And Measure For Success.

Don't get fooled by the little "sexy" you can find in three simple words like decide, execute and measure...but the impact they can bring to your transformation is amazing...find out more...

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how to enjoy contentment

How To Enjoy Contenment And Be Happier In Your Life

How To Appreciate Small Things In Life And Enjoy Contentment As A Way To Have More Happiness In Your Life.

Appreciating the Small Things In Your Life Is the Key to Contentment
Many people believe that when you appreciate the small items in life, you are well on your way to being happy.

But, what is happiness? Most emotions are transitional meaning you are never in one state for long periods.

People who are considered upbeat will have moments of sadness or depression. Even depressed people are not depressed all the time. They have moments of happiness, too.

Think about a major event such as a war. When two countries are fighting, both sides lose lives. It is bloody, and it can last for several years.

But, when the war is over, the countries are euphoric. There will be no more bloodshed because of the war, and people can return to their homes.

However, there is nothing that has changed in the world except that the war has ended. In other words, the sun still sets each day. People still have to manage their lives.

The euphoria from the war ending doesn’t last long. Months later, the war is still over, but the euphoria has died down.

The same is true in a smaller way when you have a bad sickness. For instance, suppose you have a stomach bug that leaves you uncomfortable and in pain.

When the bug passes, and you are better, you feel wonderful. However, you don’t feel any better than you did when you weren’t experiencing the bug.

It’s relative to the bad feelings. That’s how emotional states work. They go from one to the other on a constant basis.

Appreciating the small things in life may lead to happiness. But, it’s likely you are content more than you are happy.

Contentment can almost be thought of as a neutral state, leaning on the side of happy. There isn’t anything wrong when you are content. But, there also isn’t anything that is making you overly happy.

There may be too much pressure striving for happiness when you should be striving for contentment.

The good news is your appreciation for small aspects of your life will lead to contentment without having to worry about trying to make yourself happy all the time.

Those times will occur naturally.

If you spend most of your life content, you are doing something right. Think about all the people you love and what you have, such as your health and a good job, etc.

If you try to imagine life without them, you will truly appreciate your contentment. That thought may even make you happy for a short period.

Talk you soon
Carmelo Humphrey
P.S: Next Step
You have read in this article about the importance of being grateful for the small things in life. Enjoying the happiness that this mind state brings to your heart. If you want to know more about the right mindset that helps you travel to your better you CLICK HERE and know all what you need to know about success upgrade.

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financial freedom

Financial Wellness & Freedom

Are You Caring Enough About Your Financial Wellness?

Do You Care Enough About Your Financial Freedom?

Is your present financial wellness status helping your quest for a better lifestyle?.

Are you aware of how your financial wellness affects your future?. If not, Your lifestyle can be seriously harmed by not taking care of your financial wellness. Read more...

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5 Productive Ways To Get Inspired

Undeniably when the inspiration does not accompany you in whatever you're doing. Then frustration sets in and you feel the pain of wandering unfocused.

Not a nice state of mind. But at the same time, it is something that do not stays forever if you take action and stop letting it get bigger.

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stress free and relax

How To Relieve Stress?: 5 Easy Things To Do!

How To Relieve Stress: 5 Easy Things To Do!

Are you feeling like if your life is becoming chaotic? And you have less and less of those moments where you feel you're in the groove. Read on to find out more...

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discovering your passion

Discovering Your Passion…

What If you could multiply your driving force behind your objectives and goals? Especially those associated to your businesses and quest for financial freedom. What you'll discover in the next paragraphs will bring you clarity on what to do to use the power of passion to skyrocket your online business success...

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