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The Rainmaker – How To Open The Sky Abundance Floodgates Part 2

The Rainmaker - How To Open The Sky Abundance And Prosperity Floodgates Part 2

Sky abundance and Prosperity - The Rainmaker Part 2:
First things first. I want to thank all the persons that read and commented on the Part 1 of post titled The Rainmakers - How To Open The Sky Abundance Floodgates.
But, before  we develop the second part, I will kind of touch lightly on the things we pointed out as the outstanding traits that distinguish these modern Midas men.

Well, in the good sense. As we said before the Wikipedia define the modern rainmakers as the guys that achieve astounding results where others did not perceived any opportunity.

midas touch

It's also important to remember that we mentioned that their results were so spectacular that they seems like anointed or kind of having a special blessing.
Somehow, hinting to a sort of having the power of a magic wand. 

However, if because of what we see. It can make us think magically. It's also revealing that the traits that are pointed out as the pillars of the character of the amazing Rainmakers. Those traits are mainly traits that have been known since ancient times and revealed in the bible scriptures. King Solomon's proverbs are full of advice on the making of a good and successful character.

Sculpting The Masterpiece Needs Whacking The Stone With Your Heart!

sculpting the beauty

So, what this conversation brings to the table are the true possibilities that any one who wants to invest time and work - There is no free lunch - can transform himself or herself into a true rainmaker. Breaking the inertia takes some energy. The transformation journey demands persistent and determined efforts to take you to the finish line.  

sculpting the masterpiece

As it was mentioned before, to sculpt the masterpiece you have to hammer and cut the raw stone until the beauty shows up. To convert your heart into a true factory which converts your dreams into reality demands faith, persistence, courage and vision.  

Remember that it took prophet Elijah many intents and hard persistence until the rain came back again. His assistant made several trips back to the top of the mountain to see the horizon and see that the rain clouds were being created. What an awesome thing... 

At this long of the post it's quite understandable that you have some questions spinning in your head. Maybe, you're thinking what could be the take home benefit. I bet you have discovered or at least reminded by the reading about certain things that you already know but have been waiting somewhere to be applied in your life. 

You Have The Key To Open The Treasure Vaults Of Sky Abundance and Prosperity

abundance and prosperity

And once more right now it's another opportunity for a new start. A refreshing time. The moment to set your flying plan and start with renewed strength. Reignite your heart and transform it into an engine that makes reality your plans and life objectives. Now you have the key to open the treasure vaults of sky abundance and prosperity. 

Take a quiet time to mind map your financial freedom objectives, spiritual, health & wellness, aging in good shape. These are a few of those things that everyone is concerned. So if you have others just add it.

Once you have that roadmap determined and decided just make a plan to work on it with all your heart and energies. Stay focused. If it's within your possibilities look for a mentor / coaching that could guide you through the rough times. Because there are some rough times. The coach or mentor will help you to correct the flying plan. Or get to safe harbor.

A True Transformation Is From The Inside Toward The Outside


During your journey toward the finish line remember without any guilt that it's a transformation journey. And the true transformation is from the inside toward the outside. It's the transformation of the inner self. 

Unfortunately new patches on the old closing do not work. The old clothes tears apart at the seams. Remember the inner transformation is a pillar that will give you a sustainable financial freedom supported on the best version of yourself as a person. A true rainmaker. One that can open the abundance and prosperity sky floodgates.

If you ever want to find out more information about how to hone your inner tools for the transformation journey to your finish line. Here you can get useful information:

Talk to you soon,
Carmelo Humphrey

P.S: Time to become a true rainmaker and open the sky abundance and prosperity floodgates. God bless you.

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