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Passive Income Streams, Affiliate Marketing and Membership Sites What Do They Have In Common? Part I

Passive Income,  Affiliate Marketing and Membership Sites What Do They Have In Common?| Part I

Dear Reader, passive income streams, affiliate marketing and membership sites has one thing in common that maybe is not what you think. But, don't worry you will find out later. I promise.

Meanwhile, let's have some conversation on a matter that is playing havoc in your life. A silent killer, a gut wrenching and energy-sapping beast.

It all start with something that occurs every day...

The bombardment of info that hits your inbox day in and day out is overwhelming. Unfortunately, the blame and root cause of this flood of emails to the inbox is a direct consequence of our insatiable appetite for the news and shiny object promises that make their appearance every day in the market.

Online marketers do their work every day. As they send a variety of information addressing the needs for solutions to the pains and struggles affecting the lives of many persons.

passive income

Gone are your quit far away from reaching your finish line. 

Vanishing follow your plans to have a sustainable online business producing predictable passive income streams.

When you’re receiving these myriads of emails every day, you’re exposed to contradicting views, angles, arguments.

This information needs a careful analysis to determine the right context and the true purpose of the marketers. As sometimes exaggeration and hipe is a big issue with some of them.

We have joined the list of many online marketers that make a great job. By the way, this reminds me of the old story about the scorpion that asked the frog to help him cross the river. Surely, you know the story.

It’s the nature or trait, of effective online marketers, they do their work. On summer as well as on the winter. Persistently. They don't stop. They know their market...and their numbers!

The Overwhelming Feeling... It's Like If A Dragon Of Komodo Bite You And Sap Your Energy.

Komodo Dragon

They send information that we have granted permission to send it. So, if you don't roll up the sleeves and do something savvy and smart. The situation, the overwhelm feeling, the perception that you cannot cope up with the information overload will become worse.

And definitely, the energy-sapping beast will destroy your hopes and dreams of ever having a sustainable and prosperous online business. And that’s not what you want... a sad situation for you and your loved ones.

How can these sad results happen... and affect your hopes and dreams?. You bet. The answer is in many ways, the beast like a dragon of Komodo attack and infects your inner self with discouragement, self doubts and very soon you succumb to the infection.

Watch Out With What You Listen To...Your Plans Of Having A Predictable Multiple Passive Income Streams Can Be Hurt. Without You Knowing The Reasons...

As examples of this kind of conflicting ideas, let me share some of them as references.

Email marketing is dead…

Email marketing ROI brings 44$ for each buck invested...

Membership Sites are not profitable…

Passive income streams are a fool's dream

Shopify is the solution.

Drop Shipping is the only thing you need…

Amazon is the winner

Affiliate marketing is easy money…

Affiliate marketers don’t make money…

Create Your Own Digital Products…

And so on and on…

No wonder, you feel exhausted and defeated even before you define and establish a solid marketing plan to create and build a solid, sustainable and prosperous online business. Which can be able to generate passive income streams.

But, it shouldn't be that way. There are solutions that will help you overcome those horrible feelings that you don’t have what’s needed or you are not fitted to pursue your life’s objectives and goals.

What an offal place to be! You don’t deserve to be there or feeling that way.

Don't Let The Market Turmoil Distract You From Applying And Follow Your Main Marketing Plan...

Siren Songs

Thus, somehow we have permitted that marketing distractions have derailed us from our tracks and taking us nowhere. The sirens songs have drowned us into a turmoil of information that distracts us from executing the tasks that are the pillar of a sustainable online business:

Targeted Traffic ( Passionate Rabid Fans). Paid & Free.

List Building. Email Marketing

Nurture your audience to create trust.

Make Sales, Create a buyer’s list.

Create and nurture your multiple passive income streams system.

So it’s time to dump the chaff and the blah..blah from your inbox.

Identify those marketers that at this time are providing you with the best information and value, offers, bonuses, etc...Get rid of the rest for the time being.

Don’t worry, if for any reason in the future they show up on your radar you could reconsider the convenience of their comeback. Just let in the ones that help you create wealth sustained by a predictable passive income stream business model.

Your Transformational Journey Starts With A Plan...Set Your Destination

Now, drum rolling...I will share some specific ideas on what to do to start overcoming the feelings of overwhelm and regain the confidence to sail your ship to safe harbor. 

This will be a sort of roadmap, a flight plan, a navigating chart. You decide which one fits your personal preference. As a ship’s engine graduate, my preference is talking about uncharted waters, navigation charts, etc. Enough of me…

Ready for the transformation journey? Hope you’re. BTW, no matter where you’re now. Or how much money you’ve done up to now. You’re ready to become a new creature.

Let’s start by telling you what’s ahead...The milestones you’ll be found on your way to arriving at the safe harbor of your dreams.

Remember that your online business let you work from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. You don’t need to work from any unique geographical location to achieve your dreams. It’s your decision.

380+ Multiple Income Streams...That's A lot Of Possibilities To Make Money 24/7

In the next blog post Part 2 you'll learn on a wealth creation system that let you have 380+ multiple streams income. Can you imagine for a second the money flood  to your bank account  working 24/7. Well now you know that the solution exist.  Wasn't it the solution you have been waiting for. 

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information overload

Information Overwhelm. The Subtle Dreams Killer!

Information Overwhelm A Silent Killer Of Hopes & Dreams!

Information overwhelm. The subject on information overload is everywhere. Louis Freeh once said that, “Collecting intelligence information is like drinking water out of a fire hydrant.”
While, you’re not likely collecting intelligence information, that’s what information overload feels like If you were drinking water from a fire hydrant. Much of it will spill out and missed.

To say the least, since there is no way you can drink that quantity of water without filling your lungs with water.
Similarly, the same can occur with information overload. But even worse because there are some effects on your behaviour and how you respond to normal events in your life. The information overwhelm effects  are a sort of energy-sapping beast. Which progressively discourage you, affecting your confidence and spirit of taking new challenges. Hope and dreams fade away from your life.

Among the main effects are the following:

* Feeling Too Much Stress – One of the main symptoms of information overload is to feel stress. Some people say it feels like their brain is being bombarded by information and as the information goes in one side it’s coming out the other. This causes people to forget things, which makes the stress build up.

 * Lack of Confidence – When there is so much conflicting information available, it’s hard for people to choose the right course of action. For example, there are numerous reports saying that spanking is both bad for kids and good for kids.

How do you know what information is right and what is wrong. And, how do you proceed? The lack of confidence can cause people to not make any choices or feel bad about the choices they make.

Many Reasons Can Be Behind The Information Overload Experience

Improper Information Filtering – When too much information is transmitted, the person receiving it often shuts off in a way. Normally the brain filtering process categorizes information as important or not important.

But, when there is too much there to process, it's often improper filtering called twigging the cause of the problem. This essentially means that everything is general and all information is the same.

* Not Knowing What’s Right or Wrong – When there is so much information with seemingly factual studies supporting them, it’s hard to know what’s right or wrong. For example, is a Paleo diet better than a vegan diet for humans weight loss and health purposes? Which studies are right? Is there any way to know?

*Increasing the Fear of Change – When you can’t determine what means the information you receive. It can cause you fear of change because you don’t know if the change is good or bad. Since information overload leads to black and white thinking, this can increase the fear of change that most people have naturally.

Feeling Confused about Common Knowledge – When you don’t know what information is real, what’s right and wrong. And addition you can’t see the trees from the forest. It then leads to confusion about things that people generally know to be true about the world.

* Taking on Too Much Too Fast – Sometimes information overload can make people feel as if they can multitask everything and do more than they can. But, the truth shown in study after study, humans aren’t designed for multitasking. If you don’t believe that, read this Forbes article about multitasking:

You can work toward controlling information overload. Limit your exposure to screens and try to focus on what you’re doing at the time you’re doing it. Avoid multitasking whenever you can if it’s important to absorb the information properly.

The Information Overload Can Have Serious Consequences On Your Personal and Work Relationships...

Plus, often it can cause problems in interpersonal relationships and work relationships. The reason is that most information overload is a choice you make. You choose to be on social media all day; you choose to watch every single news station and every single pundit on TV talk about whatever is the topic of the day.

As we said earlier It’s Like Drinking Water from a Fire Hydrant

Anytime you want to learn something, it’s tempting to start gathering tons of information. And due to the net, it’s easy to get drawn down into the rabbit hole of unending information. It becomes hard to determine what information is good and what information is bad.

Your Home Take OFF...

It's now clear that if you let the information overwhelm beast do their work in your life the consequences on your inner self can be devastating. You have now a better understanding of the problem and the causes behind it. 
So, apply what you learn and discover in this reading. Knowledge which is not applied is useless. Now is your turn to continue taking action and accelerating transformation journey that have started in your life.

That's all for today.

Talk to you soon.

Carmelo Humphrey

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effective list building creation

Effective List Building Creation. What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You!

Effective List Building Creation|What You Don't Know Can Hurt You!

Hi, effective list building creation? let's talk a little bit about this important topic for a prosperous and predictable online business...keep reading.

It's quite possible that In spite of the following data you have no build your list yet. If that is your case.Then this message can be of help to you. Take a peek, at just a few of some stats available on the online business world.

Email continues to deliver the highest ROI out of all other marketing strategies. (Campaign Monitor).

Statistical Data Available On Email Marketing Reveal The Importance Of Email Marketing In Your Online Business.

  • Email marketing produces $44 for every $1 spent
  • 73% of marketers rated the ROI of email to be “Good” or “Excellent
  • Email is 40x more effective at acquiring customers than Facebook and Twitter combined
  • 320% more revenue is driven from automated emails than non-automated emails.
  • 60% of marketers look at conversion rates to measure the effectiveness of an email campaign
  • It’s expected that by 2022, 347 billion emails will be sent every day

Effective List Building Creation Is a Cornerstone Skill, If You Want To Create A Prosperous, Profitable and Sustainable Online Business...

But, before you start blaming yourself by ignoring such an important information, available at click distance. Let me share something with you on the subject of information that's available but for some reason it does not dawn on you. Sometimes, we need help from somewhere else.

I do have a personal story where I ignore reading a book from Dr Wayne Dyer titled "Your Erroneous Zones" because for a long time I misread the title. And for me I was reading "Your Erogenous Zones". Shame on me. Let me tell, that it caused me and my friends a lot laughing...

So no time for regret but to activate and keep pursuing your objectives and goals of having a prosperous and predictable online business.

Effective List Building Creation Is Top In Your Priority Checklist.

And, undoubtedly creating a responsive list of your own subscribers is an skill that you should dominate the ins and outs. If you want to run a prosperous and predictable web marketing business.

Therefore, If you have been connected to the's almost impossible you've not heard about the importance of effective list building creation in order to create a profitable and predictable business.

So there's no better solution that learning the secrets of effective list building creation. Directly from a master of the list building craftsmanship.

Learn Your Best Strategies For Emailing From Savvy and Successful Marketers...

A person known in the internet marketing world as a true artist of the words (wordsmith) and its articulation into fine pieces of inspiration to go after our dreams of profitable online business sustained on serving the right solutions needed by our audiences.

It's all based on the principles of preeminence taught by Jay Abraham a worldwide renown savvy marketer.

Although it's not the only thing that you should harness to be successful as an online marketing entrepreneur. And, in order to set the basis for a transparent interaction.

It's fundamental and consider whatever you do with what will discover as the cornerstone piece of your prosperous, predictable and sustainable online business foundation.

So, without further ado just...

==> Go here:

And discover the secrets of how successful and savvy marketers create the foundations of profitable and sustainable online business.

This is it for now...Talk Soon
Carmelo Humphrey
PS: Now is your turn to learn directly from one of the best. Don't let this opportunity pass unnoticed. 
Go here:

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traffic boosting ideas

Traffic Booster Ideas Pack

Booster Traffic Ideas To Stop Web Site Traffic Headaches & Pain...

Booster traffic ideas is a fundamental knowledge. One, that you should dominate if you want to be at the driver seat and control the traffic tap that is the lifeblood of your business. 

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way to make money from home

Who Else Is Looking For a Way to Make Money From Home?

Who else is looking for a way to make money from home?

A way to make money from home is a good thing to learn...But you have to be careful while you get the right way to make it. Would you like to know about 10 ways to make money the right way?...

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How To Make 10K A Month

How To Make 10K$ A Month In 5 Easy To Follow Steps!

How To Make 10K$ A Month In 5 Easy To Follow Steps!

How to make 10K a month is the dream of most online marketers. What if you could make this dream true. Discover how you can do it too...

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how to make money online

How To Make Money Online: Savvy Multi-millionaire Went Nuts and Spills The Beans!

How To Make Money Online Savvy Multi-millionaire Went Nuts and Spills The Beans!

How to make money online is something that everybody loves but just few enjoy it. It seems elusive for a big part of the online community. But it does not have to be that way. Learn as much as you can before he recovers his marbles!

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anti-aging ladies special

Ladies Special: She Deserves it

Ladies Special: Who Else Wants To Enjoy The Advancement Of Science On Anti- Aging?

Ladies special was a blog post line I followed a few weeks ago to share some important information on relationship. Specially, where the women are trying hard to understand what their hero wants. The story has not finished yet and it will continue in future posts. Ladies, please raise your hand if you want to know more on the secret obsession of your hero...

But, don't worry I will let the theme sink in your heart for a while...This time the ladies special is being published in my blog because somehow the special I'm going to talk about is better explained in my blog. And I keep the peace with my loved FB. 

So, in a nutshell the ladies special is something astounding. It's now happening on the latest science advancement in the development of anti-aging products that make her smile. As she feels that she can recover in short time what she thought was lost forever. Now she feels it's time for her comeback. And, watch out guys because she could take revenge if you did not understand the secret pains in her heart.

And it's time where you better stay close and listen carefully sharing her happy moments when she discovers

I hope you enjoy the discovery of this line of products but specially what it can do for that wonderful comeback... Stay tune as will continue bringing more ladies specials...

So this is all for today...enjoy.
Till next time,
Carmelo Humphrey

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anger destructive stress

A Short Fuse Attitude Converts Stress In A Ticking Walking Bomb!

A Short Fuse Attitude Converts Stress In A Ticking Walking Bomb!

Are you a destructive stress walking-talking bomb? Discover how the solution might not be what you think! Read on.

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passive income resources

Affilorama Roadmap To Passive Income Resources- Part 2

Affilorama Roadmap To Passive Income Resources-Part 2

Is Passive income resources a powerful weapon contributing to your financial freedom? Read on...The thing gets better!

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