understanding audience pain points

Do You Understand The Pain Points Of Your Audience?


To know the audience pain points is to know what's brewing in your customer's minds. What keep them awake at night...What they say. You should know them as the palm of your hand.

A relationship that guarantees the trust, engagement, and the loyalty of your customers. By giving them solutions to their specific problems, need and wants.

You have to know them as you know your best friends. So that when you craft your messages they feel like you’re talking to a very dear friend in a personal conversational mode.

Know Your Audience Pain Points To The Point They Feel You Have Mind Reading Power.

pain points

Let your audience feel understood... thinking you’ve mind reading power.

Talk to people as individuals – not in a robotic manner. When someone visits your website or reads your messages, you want them to feel like you understand what they are doing better than anyone else.

They may have been wandering and visiting a lot of different people, so you can tell them that you’re grateful that they are at your site or are reading your message now.

Have them feel that what you’re offering to them are the best product, solution, package, services, etc.

Point Out The Angles That Make Your Product Better Than Your Next Door Neighbor.

Let me explain why.

Maybe you understand what they need and so you have designed or sourced your product/service so it provides greater benefit, solution, advantage, and so on.

Whatever the case may be for you, you must explain the reason why they should be buying from you and not anyone else. Why your product or service is better than your next door neighbor.

Including the reason why they ought not delay the purchase.

Your reason why... must be credible. You have to understand their need better, create a better product/service, stand behind your product/service in a better way, give them a better value, offer better performance, etc. Go the extra mile.

Concentrate On The Benefits! What Is In It For Your Audience.


Concentrate on the benefits, not the features. People don’t care about the features. You want to show them how the features magically produce benefits.

Give people some kind of risk reversal. It depends on the product. Besides the common 30-60 days guarantee refund. Do more than just that.

You can explore some other risk reversal less common practices. Like providing extra support for a longer time. Deliver the product or services at a lower cost.

As you can see there are some variants of risk and reversing the risk.

Do As The Romans Do But Better!

customer satisfaction

Add a bonus that doesn’t cost you a lot of money but has a high value in perception. If everybody else is selling basically the same thing for about the same price. Then you should make your product or services outstanding by offering extra bonuses, service, component.

Testimonials are essential to help you dissuade typical objection due to lack of confidence in the product. So it’s mandatory to prove your claim. Proof can be produced in many ways– and preferably you use multiple ones.

You can have interviews of successful, happy consumers who will confirm your proposition. Preferably use the video format. Have an article written about you and cite it.

You can have unique buyers, endorsers, or groups support your statements about your product or service.

You can take whatever objection that could exist, and instead of fighting them, embrace them and deal with the negatives in a positive way. Review once more your assessment of your audience pain points and think about their fears and negativities.

Make your message filter the people your product or service is not a good fit. Have a place in your messaging or website that point out about the kinds of consumers you specialize in.

Describe every type of person that would be a right- fit for your product or service.

Walk Through The Objections And Come Out With The Best Transparent Solutions For Your Audience.

wow customer experience

For example, you might say, “We have for sale this product or solution. Let us share with you the type of people who we are a good fit:

” Go through every scenery possible, pointing out main outstanding benefits and characteristic of your service /product.

So your target audience can relate and feel as though they are your kind of buyer or not. Not hard feelings.

Talk to you soon.
Carmelo Humphrey
Heart and Hands at your service.

PS: Next Step
Thanks a lot for reading this far. It this information makes sense to you. Then your next step is to find more about how to know better your audience. That knowledge will take you to a new dimension in your relationship with your audience. You may find here about how to create the avatar of your ideal customer. The person you want to talk in a one to one personal conversation in the kitchen of your house. Check It Out Here.

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