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If up to now, your website has not made any money, paid the bills and liberated you from the money sorrows chains. Then, you're at the right place. The place where you will find answers to the problems that have caused most of your sorrows. Surely, you recognize that many of your sorrows may be rooted to lack of financial freedom.

And why we say that?

Because, here at www.websiteprofitmadness.com our attention besides other things like caring about your wellbeing and personal development. It's focused to change that perennial pattern of lack of business profits.

Helping you with an effective roadmap that bring you the clarity you need.

Clarity that's essential for your success.

In order to drive your business from where you're now to where you want to be.

But, that is not all what this site offers you. You'll find information that will contribute to your wellbeing and personal development. Because, your transformation journey will be easier if you also invest time in yourself.

Another important benefit you'll get in this place is that you'll find valuable information. This info can be gathered from any place as long it benefits the audience of this website. So, discover the gold nuggets available in this site. It's all what you need to make your website make money and pay for your bills.

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The following is a testimonial from a CB Passive Income 5 Customer. Expressing his satisfaction with the support and results received from Patric Chan

Jack KraBlogger

A customer which tells his story and struggles with email marketing. He's already getting subscribers and making sales.

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Louis, shows his satisfaction with the training and tools provided by the program CB Passive Income 5...

Louis Pat Esposito

The Journey

My Journey? To Call It A Roller Coaster Doesn't Honor It.

When I go through all the images of my life story. It makes me smile and feel grateful and blessed. Because instead of a heart filled with hatred and resentment I grew up as a happy boy with the help of the villages and towns where I lived.

And why I smiled? Because some experiences although sad at the time. They are are part of my remembrances. Let me share with you this one: My mom use to send me, after midday to the town wharfs to get some fish to eat.

Fish was cheap because nobody else wanted it. Because of lack of ice for refrigeration the fish leftovers were getting rotten at that time of the day. And got cheaper.

But guess what...after a while the rotten flavor of the fish was not a problem.

Maybe at home we developed a kind refined taste for rotten things like the case of the french with their famous gourmet rotten cheeses.

Don't worry if you're a fan of french cheeses. I also love them.

My Education Trip...

What Happen With My Education...

My education journey is another part of my life that I share with proud. Because my primary school teachers and the school director went the extra mile. They encouraged and motivated me in ways that now I appreciate because I know the effect they had on me.

They inspired me. My father from the Grenada island in the Caribbean motivated me to pay attention to grammar, math and all kind of good things.

He even tried that I would play the violin. Which didn't work because every child in the neighborhood was in something different.

In another area of things...

My grandmother was a respected person in my mom's town.
So I could not do anything wrong while being in the streets. It would have gone directly to my lovely grandmother.

So the time passed...

And when the time arrived I had to leave the little town to go the capital city for higher education. I was just 12 years old. Right there, I started jumping from one far unknown relative house to the next. At one time sleeping in the outdoor room with a stinking dog.

Being bullied by one of the son's of house owner.

But none of those circumstances broke my spirit.

I kept somehow, being a happy young adolescent. Who apply for an scholarship and went to a top tech school at that time.

To make the story short.

I graduated form the tech school I was hired by the Shell Company.

And right there started my professional career working and studying with company scholarships till I attended postgraduate studies. Being an specialist I worked at different part in the world.

Achieve  and enjoy the recognition many years later of the same persons that were my mentors and supervisor when I started working...

Let me share one more... a tiny story about the times of the scholarship at the tech school. The money was a little bit short for paying the rented room and the food plus other expenses.

From monday to Friday we used to eat at a little restaurant flooded with blue collar workers. Thomas the owner served cheap food but enough for a hungry human being.

But during weekends we usually survived on a milk and bananas diet keeping minimum the use of physical energy...resting the whole week end. There are of more thing to share. Which I will do down the road...

Well that's all for the time being about my journey. Rest assure I know how it feels to go through difficult times. Please let me know if you any question I will do my best to answer asap. And if you're interested in changing what has been occurring with your website. Then it's time to copy the blueprint of savvy marketers. Check It Out Here

Heart & Hands At Service

Carmelo Humphrey

My long journey story... My transformation process still continues. My boundaries were extended beyond my professional, personal and business interests.

Some of my experiences outside the professional world...
I owned and exploited a beef cow farm with some 600 heads. Partnership in a 4000 Ha extension beef cattle ranch. I participated successfully in the stock market. Real States Investments.  

So my story at my 75 years old is still under construction. There are dreams of legacy to fulfill for myself, my family...

So that's what I offer to help you in achieving your objectives. I extend my hand and invite you to travel together as you pursue your cherished dreams.

I have been responsible in my 50+ years plus of professional experience for projects that speared me beyond my comfort zone. I reached senior executive positions by growing from lower to higher ranks. Being loyal and a trusted. 


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