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A Short Fuse Attitude Converts Stress In A Ticking Walking Bomb!

Are you a destructive stress walking-talking bomb? Discover how the solution might not be what you think! Read on.


If you feel that you're stuck and chained to behaviour habits that keep you in a permanent state of similar to The Yellowstone dormant volcanoes. Then, it's time for an intimate moment with yourself. A time, for decision at a crossroad. A crossroad where one way leads to desperation even when accompanied for a multitude. And the other, take you to a place where you have control of your blow up time. You can at will by-passed the buttons that spears and detonate your blow up...

Uncontrolled Short Fuse Blow Ups - Destructive Stress.

I can imagine that if you're a serious case of explosive running creature. Then you have been exposed to many books and literature on the subject. And definitely it's a good thing to do. I mean when you go after the knowledge that will help you understand your inner self.

But, let's not lie to ourselves and think that it's easy. And why not? Because as there are books and information about changing our traits for the ones that edify you and create a new creature. There exist a myriad of information that leads you in the opposite direction.

What I mean? There is not solution. If you were born twisted. Then you're condemned for the rest of your life. This way of thinking is reinforced by family, friend, movies, stories and a lot of other daily current issues...

What can be done? Is there a solution for serious cases.

In my humble opinion there are solutions. Solutions that have their roots in the holy scriptures and address the problem of rage many years ago. Somebody noticed the destructive effects in the lives of persons that suffered from uncontrolled rage blow up attacks.

Recognition of The Old Beliefs Is Key To Renew Our Minds With New Edifying Thoughts...

The solution starts with the recognition that can not put something new into something that do not submit first to a process of cleaning and preparation to receive the new edifying information.

What do I mean? In there is not a change in the beliefs that are the pillars of your present character. Then the new edifying information will get contaminated and suffocated by the old beliefs. 

So, what will be the practical path forward way for having an effective and true change into a happier new creature.

Start by questioning and removing all the things, ideas, stories, anything that supports the old beliefs. Activate diligently the new information that supports and will become the new pillars of your new you. A free-rage man.

A person that has control over the emotions that in the old times triggered their outburst of rage. Uncontrolled chain of rage blow ups...

Destructive Stress Can Be Dominated By Reinforcing Your Mind Defenses and Feeding Your Heart With The Best Of The Best Edifying Principles. Don't Forget That Loves Is The Secret Weapon In Your Spiritual Fighting Kit

pains and struggles

Let me say that nothing of this will happen unless there is a tonne of faith and the perseverance to create a barrier that weed out all ideas, information and stories that do not support your new you. If you ignore this simple cooking recipe you'll miss your objective of transformation.

In addition, you should take care of your everyday and
appreciate the small items in your life, less likely to be stressed out? People who are high-strung get upset about every little item.

It causes them to blow up at every opportunity they get.

Compare to people who appreciate the small things.
Who would you rather associate with, the high-strung person who doesn’t appreciate anything. Or the person that appreciates everything he has under his present personal condition.

Let's not misunderstand and think that it's bad to have aspirations to have a better lifestyle. Noooooooo.

It is true that appreciative people have lower stress than people who are not. However, this is not a way to reduce stress completely. Do not forget other important things like the need to sleep well, eat correctly, and exercise accordingly.

Some Additional Tips To Help In Your Transformation Journey. Overcoming Destructive Stress

If you are hot-headed about every little item, it’s time to reevaluate this stance. Be grateful for what you have and who you have.

You can also use exercise and relaxation techniques such as meditation and massage. Keep trying different ways to relax but above all, be appreciative of your whole life.

Others will be attracted towards you as they key off your positive energy. They will also be more willing to follow your lead.

As you take off of this rather large conversation I guest you have something to explore and see if it fits into your heart and mind. In principle, nothing can't happen if you're no willing to do it. But you could ask me what happened in the case of Lazarus. Because he was dead. What occurred was a miracle. And that will be another path you have to explore too.

Talk to you soon.
Carmelo Humphrey- Rainmaker Assistant.

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